This is finally progressing again! Hooray! I’m working some crazy hours at my other job so finding time to work on this is challenging to say the least. I can hardly believe this comic is about to head into its third year already. Crazy! I plan to have more work done on this in 2020 since I’ve streamlined my processes. It’s been a rough few years with personal stuff, but I’m back on track.

I hope you all decide to take a look at my Patreon as I plan to have a lot of amazing stuff go up there in the next year. To clear up any confusion on older posts, I only have 2 tiers. A $1 tier for early access and a $5 tier for early access and bi-annual (Twice a year) bonus content. Plus both tiers gain access to any goal rewards that have been met.

2019 has been a (mostly) lucky year for me and here’s to 2020 being even better!